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Jakarta, in the old and new

Jakarta, Indonesia in the vibrant capital is a patchwork of old and new. Formerly known as Batavia, South-East Asia, the major port of spices. Potsdam old Dutch quarter of Merchants in the city, formerly the illustrious and Sunda Kelapa port and the old, vintage, and the clippers to trade in the spice up valuable drove routes still appears in the schooners.

As if to prove the significance of the historic city of Jakarta, is one of the 13 museums, some of which devoted entirely to painting, ceramics, puppets, textiles, and stamps. National Museum is known for its archaeological collection, while the development of historical Jakarta, Jakarta, can be traced back to the historical Museum (Marionette), stages regular performances of the (three dimensional) the traditional wayang golek and wayang kulit (shadow) Puppet Show art forms.

Jakarta last fall in the trade of the dependence of the abundance of crafts and curios in the market. Other attractions are the Monas (national monument), the Merdeka (independence) Palace, the Fatahillah Square, the Istana Negara (State Palace). Taman Mini Indonesia or "in Indonesia, a Miniature" is no absorption of the culture of the presentation of theme park attractions in the country in one place. It includes a mock village was found in a wide variety of architectural styles from Indonesia.

Ancol dreamland, the city is located in the northern part is still the theme park Disneyland Paris on the subject, the answer, Jakarta. Recreation area is the largest leisure and amusement park in the art market, marine park and Fantasy Land.

Taste of paradise islands of Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) only a few kilometres from the Gulf. This dreamy, Jakarta Bay to inland easily in the palm fringed havens are the perfect gateway to Jakarta Bay is the perfect Gateway City to the scene.

Around Bali

Bali, the legendary "island of the gods", is the enchanting visitors with a rich cultural tradition and the spectacular panoramas over the centuries. Bali offer a number of things, the exalted, the fog enshrouded volcanism and the cool mountain lakes down to the elegant rice fields in Golden Beach lapped azure waters, which cm Bali offers a fresh and unforgettable image.

At the heart of the peoples are approximately 2,7 million souls, whose artistry and piety are recognized throughout the world. Balinese Hinduism, Tantric Buddhism in India, cosmology and mythology of the indigenous people of the complex as the unit of Bali inhabitants, is the primary religion and so deeply woven into their daily lives, that the line between material and spiritual, fuzzy fabric at its best.

For those of you are excited about the culture of the island's fascinating introduction into the community of delve has many possibilities, such as the colorful ceremonies and traditional performances of the Sunrise on a regular basis. The biggest part of the offer of the hotel to the nightly shows one form or the dance of the second, tailored to the audience, but travellers and the wonderful. Hill City, Ubud, the island's première Kunstencentrum, also has a full schedule of performances and close to the village, the Stonecutter's Batubulan is known for its Barong the Lion dance.

Shopping bags, you can find Bali below the Treasury of crafts and art work. Balinese are incredibly gifted artists and some significant creations are their received with which they consider to be the miracle of the universe in the same sense. Stone and wood, the traditional and contemporary residences from the paintings and intricately designed gold and silver jewelry are available in the shops and galleries throughout the island.

If the or, there is no shortage of recreations. Nature, hiking, horse riding, diving, bungy jumping to crawling, even water and white expect rafting for the daring Bali.

Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Kuta Beach, the most dynamic places Indonesia

Once a lonely place in Denpasar towards the Bukit Peninsula on the road, the Kuta tourist resort, is now a thriving, especially popular among young people. It owes its claim to fame, thanks to two factors: on the beach (originally. Best of Bali) and the sunset. The beach is now the host of several hotels, with the exception of the communities of Legian and Seminyak, where many of the social scene is now at the Center. The main shops are located together in Legian Street.

Kuta has become one of the most dynamic places in Indonesia. It is the place to meet with new ideas and ways of life and experience the pleasures of all kinds. It is a popular beach for surfing, although the less suitable to swim in the signalling currents. Life guards on the duty is constant throughout the day. Kuta, facing West, and offers the Offroad.

In the popular Kuta Beach, Bali Strait, and this will attract foreign and local water sport lovers and Sun Auringonpalvojille. Throngs flock to 1.5 kilometers of routes, with the rest of the week. September and October, and during the period from April to the authorization of the coastal and reef favorable breaks, allowing surfers to the waves. Association shall be kept for the milder Beach breaks, for security reasons. You can also swim here--so make sure that you have only to the named range-inside, or just join in-of carefree sunbathers. Errant or guides to provide goods and services, while others have a relaxing massage at reasonable cost.

Passion fruit, a beautiful tourist city

Passion fruit is a beautiful tourist city in the Highlands, from Medan Lake Toba Karo road. It is located at an altitude of 1300m and two natural sources, MB., and Mt Sibayak. Sinabung. Gundaling Hill, you'll see these two mountains a clear picture.

Region known for its cool climate, orchids, flowers, fruit, and the most famous of which is "marquisa" or known as passion fruit, which is usually a drink of fruit is to be created. Local markets are the scenes activities and traditional life. swarms Karo The days are very pleasant and the nights can be quite cool.

After arriving in Medan Polonia International Airport, you can take a taxi or tourist buses to get to passion fruit. Located 66 km from Medan, the capital and takes approximately two hours ' drive away.

Gundaling Hills location is not a pleasant colonial style hotel of the golf course and a large number of other stars and star hotels and Accommodations.

Just as in other areas of Sumatras served with spicy food. Try the local dishes of chicken rice, Medan KweTyaow and others can be seen. If you want to run a Medan, Merdeka walk. In the city of Medan in Indonesia and hangout cafes, restaurants, exhibition and Entertainment's hottest place is the first of the tensile strength of materials (Alfresco excluded).

You can move the local transport, which is known as a horse-drawn around the city of sado. You can also hire bicycles at the Villa Flores restaurant.

There are numerous attractions, including itself, in three markets: markets in General, the photogenic is five times a week (not wed or Sun) behind the bus station; the daily vegetable market, which sells souvenirs, also in the West of the roundabout and the Sunday market, which takes place every two weeks at the top of the Hill of Gundaling and drag this novelty acts as the teeth of a man dragging (per Rp200, Bluetooth), and the snake at the end.
You can find some nice examples around a passion fruit in a traditional Batak Karo villages architecture. The best-known is the Village of Lingga, passion fruit, 15 km.

The wide main street is covered with restaurants and Hotels, souvenir shops, and Gerber, the market will lure farmers over the region. You can buy souvenirs here, some of the labels off of Batak, and hand woven fabric Medan, rattan plaitwork, printed Batik, paintings, engravings or attempt to buy fruit and bring Home Marquisa page!

You can better avoid to come in on Sunday, because many day trippers Medan passion fruit back to climb Mt Sibayak.
The days are very pleasant and the nights can be quite cool. With a simple, warm themselves, and comfortable clothes.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

The Park is built in Indonesia, this showcase for the park visitors can find your many natural and cultural wealth of unique to Indonesia to a replication of the traditional houses (Pavilion) in all parts of Indonesia, as in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or the beautiful Indonesia in miniature, the archipelago formed more Indonesian and many other fascinating attraction. The Park is an ideal place for a family getaway week-end and international tourists, who does not have enough time to examine Indonesia was.

Started late Ibu Tien Soeharto (Indonesia's former first lady) for the idea. Construction began in 1971 at TMII, and it was opened officially on 20. in April 1975.

Because of the existence and during the time of TMII is growing steadily and developed in community life and the dynamics of Indonesia. People are more aware of TMII, preservation and development of the culture as a means of strengthening the unity and integrity of the people of Indonesia as an instrument with a delegation of the existence of the large advantages.

TMII is considered to be the vehicle for the people of Indonesia, to present to the diversity and the cultural diversity of the community wealth, can be an interesting experience, knowledge and information about the various aspects of traditional culture, the arts, the introduction of the cultural goods in the customs forms.

The beauty and cultural richness of TMII is presented by can easily found a comprehensive and interactive way, thanks to the availability of the data by the community. It is expected that the information in the website may be the scale of the spread of the archipelago, and even from abroad, so that it makes it easier for the community to better know the culture and customs of people in Indonesia.

An County
For the most part, and the equipment is composed of regional TMII an. More than twenty-five, in an area of the province of Indonesia, the representative for each architecture you will find a very unique opportunity for visitors to the width and size of the entire region of regional architecture. Each Pavilion presents at least three examples of typical regional style.

Don't have the time or the fortitude of the venture on a remote or out-ot-the-way locations? Is not required. Visit each of the Pavilion and the, as soon as you get the impression that very clearly the diversity of Indonesian architecture and living styles of the wealth. Just to point out that, in the view, not the bogonjong ', ' House-West Ranah Minang Sumatra, ' from the deep interior Kalimantanin, Tana Toraja, to the East, South Sulawesi, Batak ' Tongkongan ', the traditional Dayak people ' Lamin' bolon ' House, North Sumatra; "a" list of joglo-Central Java, etc.

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Reog Ponorogo, the origin of the dances

Reog Ponorogo is best known for the dance of the mask, which is said has been created by one of the Kings of the twelfth century. Kediri, East Java Performance, Ben benaouisse re-enacts the legendary battle of the Pujangga, Lodoyo, from the forests to the anomalies in the spirit of the Court, and the Ponorogo, guardian Minister Singa Barong. The first was aroused the wrath of Barong Singa, when he stole 150 Indians, which is offered in the forest, apparently, for the payment of the dowry of Princess, Kediri, East Java, to whom the King wanted to marry Ponorogo.

A typical company, then, consists of the reog, normally, the main characters; Singa, a huge tiger head Barong and the Peacock feather a mask and his enemy Pujangga aberrations. They are accompanied by one or more of the clowns/acrobats, and brings to life the hobby horse, the number of dancers, who is said to represent sets of Pujangga abnormalities.

Ponorogo, so far, the people are tough, physically and mentally. Courage and Audacity of the qualities appear in the full performance of reog, where attention is focused on the trance dancer, the giant mask, often with a weight of more than 40 kg, between his teeth. The mask is a savage, Tiger's tiger skin, Director, the real, and covered with huge fan of meter three peacock feathers crowned with snarling.

Performance, including the main dancer mask to match the capacity of the weight of the success of the dance is known as the leader of the group depends on the power of the magical. Warok is known as the type of help these men have a special talent, acquired through years of training over the years. The dancers hobby horse (tantri kepang) are one of the sons of young people without exception, the dance of reog dressed as women's unique features. Known as the gemblak, they are accompanied by the warok, which, in close cooperation with the females travelling performances are prohibited.

Reog dance is presented by the regional government each year. Ngebel, a natural lake and Batik printing ponorogo also are worth.

1001 Stories aboutBorobudur Temple, the Magnificent UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

As buildings that ever included in seven wonder of the world, Borobudur Temple was built by use more or less 55.000 m3 of stone. Buildings height was about 42 m, and width about 123 m. The temple that attain the age 12 of century mounted to the sky erectly and sturdily. Not a vestige of evidence why Borobudur temple become full of the darkness. Age of determining has done by observe the basic color of Borobudur Temple. Also by observe the carved object that indicate the pattern of Central Java in 8 century after date.

Since the temple was built in 8 of century after date, Borobudur Temple history was rise and set. Borobudur Temple becomes a research center and development place for Buddhist. All of this religion follower visit Borobudur Temple to study about Buddhist. The entire of Borobudur relief was containing about Buddhist precept. In those days Borobudur Temple become an attention place and a worship place as holy buildings.

But, all of it was ephemeral. Coincide with lessening of Buddhist; Borobudur Temple was left by the followers. After the Sailendra Dynasty was disappearing, Borobudur has no news about more. Borobudur Temple becomes terminated by the darkness for centuries. There is no more news or story about Borobudur Temple after those.

Borobudur Temple architecture was very interest and very unique, comprise of three main buildings. That was foundation section, middle section, and top section of the temple that called Stupa (dome enclosing an effigy of Buddha). Relief was carved in the wall of the temple. The relief was telling about a scene or story. There are thousands of relief and hundreds of sculpture in Borobudur Temple.

There is a unique thing, be in fact that Borobudur Temple has architecture with interesting format or highly structured in mathematics. Every foundation section, middle section, and top section of the temple has 4:6:9 ratio. Placement of the Stupa has a meaning also. And other amazing thing was the relief concerned with astrology. More, the obvious, Borobudur Temple built by no cement even a little, but use albumin of hen egg. No bodies that know how many hen eggs are used to gluing the stones of Borobudur Temple. All of it give evidence that Borobudur was already has a comprehensive culture. And Borobudur Temple is an evidence of history that very interest to learn.

Caused by movement of empire center, from Central Java to East Java. Borobudur becomes ownerless automatically. Traces of volcano eruption that cover Borobudur Temple make the temple become a grassy place, little trees was growing up and make Borobudur Temple become a mound that covered by thicket and look eerie.

In 18 of century, Governor of United Kingdom, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles receive a report about the massive temple that covered by thicket. Then he call his officer, H.C. Cornelius to visit the massive temple, that was Borobudur Temple. The thicket was cleaned, until appear a massive temple with hundreds of Budha sculpture. The temple condition was breaking the heart. There are so many section was fall out. There are so many sculpture was broken. So regrettable, United Kingdom Government was not going on for a long time. Research and effort to restore Borobudur Temple become unfinished again. Eventhough, Borobudur Temple become a place where many people come to visit the temple.

Government of Dutch-Hindia was being in command again. But, not all of man have a good purpose. Many beautiful sculptures and many beautiful temple sections was stolen by greedy and bad human in the Government of Dutch-Hindia. One of the examples was in 1896. Government of Dutch-Hindia, by passing Resident of Kedu, steals tens of sculpture and some of Borobudur Temple section that very beautiful to presented for King of Siam. King of Siam, Chulalangkon that ever visiting Borobudur Temple. Today, all of so much worth the thing from Borobudur saved in Museum of Bangkok, Thailand.

In 1907 to 1011, Borobudur Temple was restored by Government of Dutch-Hindia. The leader of this reparation was Th. Van Erp. A Netherlands engineer and talented. He has a serious attention for Borobudur Temple in the future. Great expense was available. The result of Van Erp’s effort was very satisfying. Again and again, nature condition was unpreventable. Rain, bird feces, and earthquake always make Borobudur has to fixed. Finally, in 10th August 1973, the Government of Republic Indonesia repair the Borobudur Temple massively. That restoration was well done and satisfying. As the result, today we can enjoy, learn, and knowing all about Borobudur Temple.